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Safety Solutions On-Site
Spearheaded by leading EHS professionals, Safety
Solutions On-Site officially started operations February 16,
2005. Since then, they have grown steadily and are
currently working with companies across the Midwest and
Southern United States.

What can we do for you?
The SafetySOS Team has been leading the charge in
developing safety & environmental programs and training
throughout the Midwest for over ten years. We specialize in:

  • Occupational Safety & Health Audits
  • Environmental Permitting & Reporting
  • Industry Specific Safety Training Solutions

You can click here to see what areas of the country we are currently
doing business as well as areas we hope to have on-board soon. If
you are in an area that is not highlighted,
contact us for more
information about when we may be expanding into your area.
US Government Can be Sued!
The Supreme  Court announced recently in it's decision: United Tort
Claims Act for negligent inspections by the Mine Safety and Health
Administration (MSHA) to the same extent as a private  party
in similar circumstances could be sued in state court. The reversal  of
the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ends a line of cases  
restricting such lawsuits and is expected to create agency pressure
for  more aggressive whistleblower investigations and enforcement.

The Supreme  Court's decision could apply to other federal agencies
conducting  inspections and/or whistleblower investigations (e.g.
OSHA, EPA, etc.) under a variety of laws ranging from environment to
health and safety to  financial disclosure and beyond. It also provides
additional incentives for employers to
train facility management  on
proper complaint and safety investigation responses