Safety Solutions On-Site

  • Does your company have a written Lockout/Tagout plan?
  • Have your employees received Hazard Communication training?
  • Does your company have a written Emergency Action Plan?
  • Do you have evacuation maps posted throughout the facility?

If you answered, “no” to any of these questions, then you could be in
violation of OSHA regulations and subject to heavy fines. Due to the
complexity of safety and environmental regulations, it has become more
difficult for business owners to remain abreast of what is required.
However, ignorance of a regulation is not an acceptable excuse for failing
to comply.

Safety Solutions On-Site offers a compliance program, Consultant-On-Call,
designed to help business owners who can’t justify the expense of a full
time safety person but need help with all the reporting, training and other
regulatory requirements. Participants receive four all-day site visits per
year. During the visits the following services are provided:

1. Safety compliance inspections with a written report of all findings.
2. Employee training and documentation on OSHA required safety
3. Assistance with safety plans including: hazard communication,
lockout/tagout, hearing conservation, forklift driver safety, bloodborne
pathogens and emergency evacuation.
4. Copies of various safety forms required by OSHA.
5. Audits of the company’s OSHA 300 and 301 records.
6. Assistance in the event of an OSHA inspection.
7. Unlimited phone support for safety and environmental questions.

The program is perfected over the past decade to be a very affordable way
to help keep your facility in compliance with safety requirements at fees are
much lower than what outside consultants would charge. The program
cost is $3600/year. If the monthly payment option is preferred, payments
are $300/month and will be invoiced monthly. A minimum 12-month
commitment is required but many satisfied customers have been in the
program for over 10 years and that is simply because it works so well!

To maintain proper balance between work and family, we limit our work
days to no more than 10-hours including travel time. Travel of up to 1-hour
each way is included in the fixed price. Locations more than 1-hour away
from a Safety Solutions On-Site hub (currently Dallas, Texas and Kansas
City, Missouri) will be charged travel expenses using the lowest cost option
available. When more than one customer are serviced during the same
week in a given city, travel expenses are shared between customers which
can reduce travel cost even further. Contact us for a fast quote on travel cost
your location.

Contact us for more information.
Improper use of
extension cords is a
common OSHA violation
Used shop towels must
be stored only in closed
metal containers
Machine guards on the
floor are a red flag that a
company's safety
program needs work
Can you see the
violation? OSHA can
and fines can be up to
$70,000 per violation!